Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Angela the Beautiful Gypsy

Angela the Beautiful Gypsy, a sprightly Romanian with a gift for music and a longing to travel. Angela graced our fair city over the past winter but alas... the call of further adventure has pulled her away. I photographed her in my studio, in a coffee shop and on the street. The street won.

St. John's will miss you, but the world now gets to enjoy you.

Sony A-350, Zeiss 85mm f1.4 @ 2.0 ISO-100 1/250 second.

Steve Hussey

Steve is one of those guys that make us all proud to be Newfoundlanders. He is a locally famous musician, and a passionate educator. A fixture at "Fred's Records", Steve is one of the best sources of Newfoundland music information. He knows most of the musicians, producers, promoters and we all rely on Steve to find out the latest music. Keep an eye out for Steve playing in a local pub and drop by "Fred's" for the latest offerings in the music scene.

Don Tucker professional Busker

Don Tucker is a great musical mainstay of the St. John's busker community. He can usually be found in the doorway of Velma's Place restaurant on Water Street. In all kinds of weather, always making a great folksy accordion soundtrack for the street. Remember to spare him a bit of change and a smile as you pass by.