Sunday, 19 September 2010

Another Character has passed on

This photo is of Roy Humber. taken by a friend of mine and a fan of the Character collection.
Paul McDonald wrote:

Hi Robert
Roy Humber died Saturday, he was in the miller centre with cancer.
He was a great character, well known. He lived next to the AH Lilly building on Bond Street. Choices for Youth bought the house and tore it down.
This is the only picture I have of him in the door way of that house, you can have it for your collection.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

This is Ed

This is Ed.

I photographed him last summer on a hot sunny day where every one else was wearing shorts, there was Ed in a "too big" blazer and neatly pressed pants. He was wearing a traditional "Salt-n-Pepper" hat always at a jaunty angle.

Ed usually had a slight smirk of a smile like he was about to tell you a joke.

He told me once in a raspy gravely voice: "I don't smoke but I likes me beer"

On a sad note, a friend told me he thought that Ed died this past winter.

Often the greatest characters disappear without any fanfare, not even a whisper.

I am glad I met you Ed.

Monday, 15 February 2010

The Moon Man RIP 2010

The Moon Man otherwise known to his friends as Bill Sweeney is best known for his passionate rants on the St. John's open line radio shows. I photographed Bill two years ago at the Government house Garden Party. He showed up with a bag of "Official Government House Cutlery" which he had acquired sometime in the past. The then Lt. Governor, Hon. Ed Roberts shook his hand but was uninterested in seeing the contents of his plastic bag. Bill, in his usual manor started to sing and loudly tell all nearby that he had stolen cutlery from Government House.
A couple of police in attendance started ushering the boisterous singer toward the west gate where I was able to take this photograph. Bill called me several times after that to confirm that his portrait was indeed on my wall. T0day St.John's learned that Bill Sweeney died yesterday. I don't know any details but I do know that St. John's has lost another character. God rest Bill. Your portrait will always hang with the other characters of St. John's in my collection.