Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Marilyn, always a dramatic dresser with the wildest collection of Go-Go Boots and Animal Print Fur coats.

She is usually seen around downtown St. John's pleasantly striking up small talk with passersby or cursing the deamons of her daydreams. She is a wild and precious person who thankfully receives support and the concerns of us all.

Try to save a little spare change for her, and always save her some dignity. There but for the grace of God goes all of us or our family members.

Camera: SONY DSC-R1, ISO 160, 1/1000 s at f/4.8, exp +0.3, no flash, Converted to Mono in Photoshop CS2.

Photo is #244 of 244 shot of the subject that day.

Photo by Robert Young: http://www.celebrityphotostudio.com/


  1. Robert, this blog is brilliant. I love what you are doing here. The photography is great, and the writing is pretty good too. This blog will become a valuable and important resource as the years tick by. Please keep it going! You will NEVER run out of characters to photograph...

  2. I love this blog. St. John’s certainly has its characters and it’s great to be introduced to them and see their stories. I’m not from town but visit as often as I possibly can. I would love to live downtown even if it was only for a few months in the summer.
    I’ve seen many of the characters you identified but knew nothing about them. I’ve seen Marilyn on numerous occasions but didn’t know her name or story. On one particular occasion in the summer, she was dressed only in her bra, hot pant, and boots. She was carrying a number of bags with her and I thought that perhaps that was all she owned. She was definitely dancing with demons on that day. I’ve often thought about her and wondered how she is doing. I won’t be so quick to walk by next time.
    Thanks for the link, Geoff.

  3. I love the characters here in St, John's... They're a part of what makes this place so unique and special. What a fantastic idea to put them in the spotlight so that we can all enjoy them and their stories!

    Thank you! I'm excited to tune in and see your photos!

  4. This is great - familiar faces for sure.

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  6. Brilliant Blog Robert - so pleased that I stumbled on it earlier... thanks to Trixie I suppose. For as long as I can remember I have in my travels always taken the time to stop and chat with the Trixie's of the world - as much to satisfy my own curiosity, perhaps, but also to get a sense of what lurked behind the garb and garble. As an outport boy I was rared to be respectful of everyone regardless of status - regardless of stature. As a tribute to Trixie I want to share the following - the story of a fellow traveler, a man who was misunderstood by thousands and respected by few.